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Creating beautiful healthy smiles and keeping them for life

Kacher Dentistry

Creating beautiful healthy smiles and keeping them for life

About Us

A dual-specialist dental office dedicated to compassionate, high quality care.
We have separate sides to the office for pediatric and adult dentistry.
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Our goal is to enhance the value of each patient's life by providing excellence in dental care. To this end we have many unique aspects concerning the way we practice dentistry. Firstly, our treatment is customized to our patient's needs. At the first appointment the doctor personally meets each patient to get to know you as a person before we get to know your oral health needs.

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We also understand that many patients are apprehensive about getting dental treatment. To make you comfortable, we offer complimentary noise-cancelling headphones with customized playlists from our streaming music menu. For more involved procedures or patients who desire it, sedation dentistry is available.

The experience of achieving a higher standard in dental care cannot be encapsulated in a web page, but we invite you to peruse our site and learn more of our philosophy. If you are interested in an office tour or consultation call or request an appointment online.

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